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Author Topic: [beta build] moma v0.4.5  (Read 1287 times)

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[beta build] moma v0.4.5
« on: August 19, 2012, 09:57:43 AM »
moma v0.4.5 beta is available.

With this new release starts the open beta period. At this point, anybody can join the forum and download moma. Current closed beta forum boards will remain accessible only for those beta testers who are currently part of the initial closed beta period. There are new boards for the open beta group, and common boards for both groups.

Welcome to those who joined and will join the open beta, and please, don't forget to check the information currently available in the 'User Guide' thread to get you started with moma.
moma has changed quite a bit since the 'User Guide' content was created, so new updated stuff will be coming as soon as I have some time.


Relase Notes:

- Fur material added, including texture mapping support
- Gradient Fur input parameters added
- A list of the objects being rendered/previewed is now stored as a quick selection set for easy access later on
- Extra attribute added to Layered Texture node to show Maya/modo blending modes equivalence (not an active parameter, just informative)
- modo Constant node is now supported on scalar inputs
- UI tooltips added
- Added 'Select in modo' function in RMB menu to internally select in modo whatever objects are currently selected in Maya. Useful to use in combination with the Command/Script console
- Fixed bug that caused image maps (Maya file node) used as extra materials alpha not to work
- Fixed bug that caused Alpha, Blending mode and Visibility parameters not to work for modo extra materials layered textures channels
- Fixed bug that caused procedurals not to be recognized when texturing currently supported additional materials channels (Cel Edges, Cel Material, Halftone and Fur Material)
- Fixed bug in included procedurals that caused an error when used in scalar parameters, making not all the procedural values to be applied properly
- Fixed bug in 'modo Procedural Node Builder' that created procedurals with the previous mentioned issue

- Please, check the user guide thread to see how to install it and how to start using it.

- Any questions, general feedback, discussions, etc... should be posted in the General Discussion forum.

- You can download moma from the link below. Remember that download links expire after 5 days.

That's it. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with moma.

Have fun!

Download moma v0.4.5

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