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Author Topic: [beta build] moma v0.7.65  (Read 2372 times)

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[beta build] moma v0.7.65
« on: July 27, 2013, 11:01:36 AM »
moma v0.7.65 beta is available.

Release Notes:

- [Mari] modo skin material support added besides modo's default BRDF material
- [Mari] List of available modo channels (effects) shows now their full name instead of modo's internal name
- [Mari] Bug fixed in Mari's automatic installer that created the path with a typo :)

New features in moma for Mari

_______________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS ___________________________________________

- Windows XP, Vista, 7
- modo 601, modo 701
- Autodesk Maya 2012 SAP, Maya 2013, Maya 2014
- Mari 1.6, Mari 2.0

- Run Maya as Administrator
- First time your run moma (Maya) it will ask you to pick the folder where modo is installed

Install (Maya):
- Delete existing 'j3d_moma' folder from a previous version, and moma's shelf in Maya.
- Copy 'j3d_moma' folder into modo's Script folder
- Load '' into a Python tab in Maya's script editor and run it

Install (Mari):
NOTE: Copy the 'j3d_moma' folder into modo's Scripts folder if you haven't already

- 1.- If you have Python and pywin32 installed in your system, just execute '', inside 'j3d_moma' folder.
Otherwise, don't even bother, just follow the manual instructions.

- 1.- Add a new USER environment variable named MARI_SCRIPT_PATH
- 2.- Set its value to the 'mari' subfolder inside 'j3d_moma'. Example:

________________________________________ INFO __________________________________________

- moma's documentation in PDF is available in moma's UI (Maya), from a contextual menu (Alt + RMB)

- There's also a thread with some info and videos about moma. Make sure you check the 'How to install moma' video

- Any questions, general feedback, discussions, etc... should be posted in the General Discussion forum.

That's it. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with moma.

Have fun!

Download moma v0.7.65
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